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Family Photo 2002

Family Photo 2016

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Our Growing Family! 2021

Quality Commitment

I would like to introduce my products called “NO NATZ” and "NO MOSQUITOZ" which I developed in 2002 on the Wilmington River and marshes of Savannah, Georgia for my family and boating friends. The products were also tested on Turkey Creek behind my home in Dublin, Georgia where the mosquitos are as big as small birds.  They were proven to work very well against gnats, no-see-ums, sand gnats, mosquitos, chiggers, and biting flies. These products are handcrafted using the finest botanical oils for repelling biting insects.


It has become the best selling botanical based personal bug spray available across the United States.  Why?  Because it really works and it smells good.  Just shake and spray and you can start enjoying the outdoors again. 


"Our products are proudly handcrafted by my family. 

From our home to yours."  -David

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